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Fri, Mar 22, 2019


- Sweat, edition presentation, Free University Brussels VUB, Brussels, BE, 09.01.2015


- Artist talk, Museum to Scale 1/7, Kunsthal, Rotterdam, NL, 07.12.2014

- Sense of Smell, Symposium, Moti Museum, Breda, NL, 02.12.2014

- Olfacio, Buda-Fabriek, Kortrijk, BE, 06.11.2014

- Just another day, workshop, Artez Studium Generale, Arhnem, NL, 14.02.2014

- 2013

- Sense of smell,  48 hours Sweatshop, Communication & Multimedia Design, Avans cmd, Breda, NL, 29.10.2013

- Debat: ArtScience Seminar: ‘The Other Senses’ ArtScience Interfaculty,  Royal Academy of Art The Hague, NL, May 13

- Lecture: ‘The use of smell in art, design and games’, 1st World Conference Digital Olfaction, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Berlin, DE,  April 11-12th

- Lecture: ‘When scent makes seeing, when seeing makes scent’, Symposium Beyond Art and Design, Mad-Faculty, Hasselt, BE, March 07

- Lecture: ‘Olfactology lab, The use of smell in art’, 101th College Art Association, Session Olfactory Art, Hilton Hotel, New York, US,  Feb. 16th


- Olfacio, the first smell recognition app for the iPad, collaboration with Cartamundi, project organised bij Arteconomy

-Open Studios, Studio Peter De Cupere, org. NICC, Antwerp, BE, 09.09.2012


- Lecture ‘Olfactology Lab’, Creativity World Forum Hasselt , BE,Wed. Nov. 16th

- Lecture ‘Olfactology Lab’, Pecha Kucha Night in Ostend , BE,Sat. Sept. 10th


- 'Do it, Smell it', Lecture and debat with Peter De Cupere, Jim Drobnick (Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto), Caro Verbeek (arthistorici and curator), Yolanda van Ede (University of Amsterdam), Adam Tasi (Smartnose, Amsterdam), Valentina Hulsman,Sue Corke, Circle of Senses (Aroma DJ/VJ), Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam, NL,  23.09.2010

- Festival De Wereld van Witte de With, Debat 'Olfactory Art' with Peter De Cupere, Caro Verbeek (art historicus) and Garmt Dijksterhuis (professor Sensory Science, Unilever). Moderation: Hans Kennepohl., org.  Arminius, Rotterdam, NL, , 10.09.2010

- Lecture 'Olfactology Lab', The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sience and the Arts, Brussels, BE, April 21


- Perfumance‘NanoLove’, NanoFume Happening, Flemish Parliament, Brussels, BE,, Nov. 9-10

- Perfumance ‘Smell Me’, Smell-happening opening exhibition "Smell Castle" Beauvoorde-, BE,, June 15

2004 - 2005

- Artintegration “Smelloflowers”, Sensire Den Ooiman, Arhnem, NL,

- “Scentconcerts through Belgium, different locations, BE,


- Olfactory concert ‘Smellsonate for city Brussels’, Beursschouwburg, curator Guido Minne, Brussels, BE,  Novenber 10 - November 21


- “Smellballoon-performance by Onashita, smell-me happening”, opening exhibition Sniff Receptor, Z33 Hasselt, BE, Nov. 8 2003,

- “The Pink lady 974 A+”, Pam Ename exhibition “Tracer”, Ename, BE, Sept. 13 - Nov.02


-”Flirt”, Smart Project Spaces, Amsterdam, NL, March - April (catalogue)


- Edition for the ‘Mosselpot’ of Marcel Broodthaers, S.M.A.K.,  Editions of Panamarenko, Luc Tuymans , Jan Fabre, Jacques Charlier, Jan Van Imschoot, Berlinde De Bruykere, Peter De Cupere, Ghent, BE, 26 jan.


- Perfumance ‘Dr. Smellart’, “Over The Edges”, S.M.A.K. , Ghent , BE, June 24


- ‘Smellcom Happening’, Erickson Nocturne in The Museum of Contemporary Art , BE, S.M.A.K., Ghent, September

- Artintegration “ Saltreedboat on lemon smell”, Ministery of the Flemish Gouverment, Copernicus building Antwerp, BE,

- Artintegration “noses, noses & Noses” Children clinic Free University Brussels, BE, May 7