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Tue, Jul 16, 2024


With artists from Brazil, Belgium, USA, Germany, Finland, Scotland, Mexico, Italy and South Africa, the 2nd Creativity World Biennale brings interventions, artworks and installations to Rio de Janeiro. The event began in 2010 in Oklahoma and will be curated by Liana Brazil, founder of SuperUber, creative agency that works with the convergence of art, technology, architecture and design. The Biennale is open to the public for free from november 21st to 25th.
Peter De Cupere, olfactory artist, living in Belgium, presents his "Blind Smell Stick", ( www.blindsmellstick.com).

Peter De Cupere tested 3 of his prototype Blind Smell Sticks and one Blind Smell Touch (a glove that has the posibility to smell everything you touch) in Rio de Janeiro.

Visitors to the Biennale can try one of the prototypes in the exhibition space.

More info: www.criofestival.com

Blind Smell Stick in Rio de Janeiro by Peter De Cupere from Peter De Cupere on Vimeo.