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Tue, Jul 16, 2024

04.07.2015 - 30.08.2015






The Scent Reader
by Peter de Cupere 

Each summer the Art Festival Watou sets up camp in the art village Watou, near the French border. Poets and visual artists, upcoming talent and established values, works of art from Belgium and abroad all find their place on our exceptional art trail. The village is the setting and this offers about ten characteristic locations as exposition rooms: a former monastery, an old farm or the cellar of a brewery. The interaction between these surprising, nostalgic rooms and the contemporary art and poetry each time creates a unique experience.


For the 35th birthday of Art Festival Watou we want to treat our visitors to some time. With the subtitle ‘in the lee of the in-between’ as a common thread, this edition of Art Festival Watou will more than ever be a slow but enthralling experience. It is not evident to allow slowness into our flashy world full of multimedia. As the world breathes on sloppily and hastily, we hurry and rumble along: busybusybusy. No time for the in-between.

Together with artists, poets, writers and you and other thinkers we want to take some time to stand still this summer in Watou. We want to focus on paying attention to the right things. We embrace the beauty of the everyday. We cherish and multiply the moments of wonder. We take time for melancholy and memory. Good writers and artists have the gift to approach the everyday small things and the passing moments differently: they see more, watch otherwise.

Their work talks about this. So take some time to let go, to reside together with them, noticing the rippling of the everyday in-between.

More info: http://www.kunstenfestivalwatou.be