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Thu, Sep 19, 2019

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Peter de Cupere

Olfactory Art

Scent in Context

20 years working with scents

472 pages, 3KG, > 1500 Photos, 22 Scratch & Sniff images, 5 cm thick

Texts by Peter de Cupere, Caro Verbeek (Odorama & Rijksmuseum Amsterdam), Ashraf Osman (The Scent Culture Institute), Willem Elias ( Prof. Culture Philosophy, President of the HISK), Hsuan L. Hsu (Prof. English Univeristy of California, Davis), Koan Jeff Baysa ( curator Institute Art & Olfaction, L.A.), Ruth Renders (Art Critic Specialised in Art and Film studies)

Published by Stockmans Publishers

Order via www.scentincontext.com

Images of the book