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Tue, Jul 16, 2024


Peter-de-Cupere-scratch-and-sniff-Black-Oil-Painting-03A new serie of scratch & sniff paintings.

Starting from traditional art themes like: Still Lifes, Flowers, Food, Landscape, War and Portraits paintings, often referring to famous historical art works. These paintings can only be read by touching them with the fingers, scratching the surface and smelling the scent that's added to the painting to unveil the content of the coloured painted surface. Scent is used to give context to the work.

The paintings are made on a traditional way using oil paint, nevertheless the artist implemented new technologies based on scent micro-encapsulation.

These works are part of several series where artist Peter de Cupere is working on. Besides using the tradition kitschy cadres to refer to old paintings, the artist is also working on scent paintings where no cadre is added. The use of a traditional cadre in some of the works is pure to add a link to the idea of traditional painting.

These works follows previous art works where the artist is using scratch & sniff technology.


Black Oil Painting with a mysterious scent in honour to Malevich, 2015



Black Scratch & Sniff Oil Painting in remembrance to WW2


The Meadow, 147 cm x 82 cm, smell of grass, 2017


Winter Landscape 2, 66 cm x 58 cm, eucalyptus scent, 2017


Farmers working on the field, 91 cm x 86,5 cm, 2017


Horse standing in the stable, 99 cm x 79 cm, 2017


Still life with fish after Édouard Manet’s Still-life with Salmon, Oysters and Lemon, 1864, 78 cm x 68 cm, Fish smell, 2017


Still Life with Lemons, 93 cm x 88 cm, Lemon scent, 2017


Still life with red apples after Gustave Courbet, 1871, 58 cm 41 cm, apple scent, 2017


Madonna with child, 114 cm 94 cm, scent of baby powder, 2016


Self Portrait of the artist in the evening, 91 cm x 73 cm, 2016