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Sat, Jun 25, 2022

soapcity1 TRUE LOVE! soaplandscape1

Exhibition organised by 'Kunst in Huis' for there 30 year existing. From November 14 until December 21, De Markten, Oude Graanmarkt 5,  Brussels

Participating artists: Peter De Cupere, Werner Mannaers, Nick Ervinck, Liliane Vertessen, Johan Van Geluwe, Koen Broucke, Gery De Smet, ...

Peter De Cupere will show two new big soapscapes. Soapscapes are cities and landscapes made out of soap. The react with the air by warmness and humidity and create little shiny cristals. After some years the reaction will be worked out and a tiny dust over the cities and landscapes will remain. The fragrances will smell very intensive despite they are presented under plexi boxes. Soapcity mountain 1 smells very intensive to peppermint. Soaplandscape mountain 1 smells like fresh grass.

WARE LIEFDE! Tentoonstellingsproject n.a.v. 30 JAAR KUNST IN HUIS van 14 november tot 21 december in De Markten, Oude Graanmarkt 5 in Brussel.

Soaplandscape mountain 1

Soapcity mountain 1