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Tue, Jul 16, 2024

exhibition-isolacomacinaArtisti in Isola Comacina - Italy

Sound & Smell


Hours: 10am to  4pm

Aurore Dal Mas: Sound
Peter De Cupere: Smell

More than 70 visitors experience the island on an olfactory way. Little red points showed where they could smell a special fragrance. The reaction was amazing. Everyone was surprised how nice nature could smell and how wonderful the 'Casa C' (House) smells, -an artist in residence location of the Flemish gouvernment (not only the typically Belgian 'frites' fragrance was added, but also smells like Belgian beer, Belgian Chocolate, Belgian perfume, mussels,... . There were 33 added smells refering to nature and society. Besides the added fragrances there were once more 33 spots over the island with just the smell of the specific place. People were specially surprised that it was difficult to know the added fragrances and some of them even didn't recognize the original smell of the tree, stone, flower,... . There was a lot of interaction between the people and I had a lot of conversations about how they explore the scents of the island and what they find about the added fragrances. From June 20th until July 10th I worked as artist in residence on invitation of the Flemish Gouvernment. Besides the smell-intervention, which was for me more like an experiment, I did several researches about olives, olive oils and olive trees. Isola Comacina is an amazing island, beautiful and great as artist in residence location.

Red spots

Visitors smelling the nature and the artist in residence house

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Photos 21-40

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Photos 61-80

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