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Wed, Dec 11, 2019

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Overview book: 20 years working with scents

Olfactory Art, Scent in Context

472 pages, 3KG, + 1500 Photos, 22 Scratch & Sniff images, 5 cm thick

Published by Stockmans Publishers

Order here: www.stockmansartbooks.be

Latest News

smelldistributorThe Temporary Stedelijk at the Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam

Lecture and debat

Thursday September 23th 2010 at 1900h

Participating persons:

Peter de Cupere (kunstenaar)
Jim Drobnick (Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto)
Caro Verbeek (kunsthistoricus and curator)
Yolanda van Ede (Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam)
Adam Tasi (Smartnose, Amsterdam)
Valentina Hulsman (kunstenaar)
Sue Corke (kunstenaar)
Circle of Senses (Aroma DJ/VJ).

More info: www.stedelijk.nl


01oldlife-newlife-72dpiEdition 'Old Life - New Life' to support Kina vzw

Numbered (1-100) and signed, with little soaps and book

Dimensions: 78.5 cm x 58 cm

For more photos and info text (Dutch), click on Read More


From December 18th 2009 till the end of 2010 Scentedo2 in group exhibition in Izegem - Belgium. An exhibition organized by the Verbeke Foundation. 
Until May 2010 Scentedo2 will not be activated. Smells need warmth. More info follows later


bioart1bioart3An exhibition about bio art.

De Cupere presents 6 smell-installations.

Opening May 23th 2009 - 20.00h

Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium


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